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From classic landscaping and expert tree care to cutting-edge customer care and affordable pricing, Global Outdoor Services is your local resource for all of your outdoor needs. We’re fully trained, certified, licensed and qualified to maintain the beauty of your yard.
We go the extra mile to make sure your tree service gets the time, attention, personnel and equipment that is needed for a quality completion.

We Provide All Solutions under one Roof

Friendly customer service staff for your all questions!

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Excellent Service

We provide service that’s professional, in-depth, detail-oriented and thorough. We always go above and beyond to provide our customers with the best work possible.

Quality And Reliability

When you need a top-quality tree service, you can depend on Global Outdoor Services. We’re a fully insured company that specializes in tree removal work that’s efficient, thorough and dependable.


Our team of professionals are specially trained in the care of trees. Global Outdoor Services is a leading pioneer in tree care and maintenance.

Competitive Rates

Tree work can be expensive as there are many “moving parts”. Heavy duty equipment, rising fuel costs, salaries, insurance, the list is long.  Our overheads are kept in check so we are able to keep our rates competitive and fair.

Our Client Reviews

They were incredibly professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. We would absolutely recommend them!
Mr. & Mrs. Landstone Client

Very impressed with the work ethics. Not only good quality work but at a reasonable price. I highly recommend them.

Michael R. Client

We Bring Personal Attention To Every Tree Trimming & Tree Removal.

Global Outdoor Service’s expertise and professionalism will enhance and beautify your property.
Our company is insured so as to ensure that our clients and their property are protected. However, you can be guaranteed that our team is well trained, qualified and experienced and we will offer safe tree removal and maintenance services. The insurance is there just in case there is an accident that is beyond our control. Your trees will be in safe hands with us. We will complete our work professionally without causing any damage to your property. The work will be done with care so as not to damage the surrounding vegetation or buildings. After completing our job, we will clean up leaving your compound in good order.